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Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

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What is a Restoration Advisory Board or RAB?

A RAB is a stakeholder group that meets on a regular basis to discuss environmental restoration at a specific property that is either currently or was formerly owned by the Department of Defense (DoD), but where DoD oversees the environmental restoration process. RABs enable people interested in the environmental cleanup at a specific installation to exchange information with representatives of regulatory agencies, the Army, and the community. While the general public can comment on DoD’s environmental restoration program, RABs offer a focused and interactive opportunity to participate in the environmental restoration process.

The RAB provides the community with the opportunity to become involved in the environmental restoration process at the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant either as a RAB member or through attendance at RAB meetings. RABs offer members the opportunity to influence cleanup decisions through discussion and to provide input to the Army’s decision makers. Because representatives of the environmental agencies overseeing cleanup participate in the RAB, the RAB offers members and the public the opportunity to share their questions, concerns, and ideas with agencies involved in the cleanup.

Does TCAAP have a RAB?

The TCAAP RAB was established in 1996. It remained active until 2015. The Army would like to re-establish the RAB but needs volunteer community members to do so.  A letter was sent to all the previous RAB members. In addition, the Army advertised in the following newspapers:

The Mission Statement and  Operating Procedures from the former TCAAP RAB are available for review, as well as a list of former members. If you are interested in participating on the RAB, please see below How to Get Involved in the RAB.

What does the RAB do?

The RAB reviews documents prepared by the Army about the environmental restoration process taking place at the former TCAAP and provides an opportunity for local citizen input into the cleanup process. The status of each of the sites undergoing cleanup is available on this website. Community input is critical to ensure understanding and acceptance of the decisions made by the U.S. Army, the MPCA, and the U.S. EPA. Please review the mission statement and operating procedures or minutes of previous meetings (below) for more information.

When is the next RAB meeting?

No RAB meetings are currently scheduled. The Army had hoped to hold a meeting to talk to encourage community members to serve on the RAB, but due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, we are unable to hold an in-person meeting.

The Army plans to hold a virtual public meeting related the Round Lake Proposed Plan before December 2020 and the details will be available on this website. We will hold a stakeholder’s call to provide a project update on October 15, 2020.

How do I get involved in the RAB?

Fill out the Community Interest Form and send to the address below.

If you have questions, please contact:
Cathy Kropp, Environmental PA Specialist

U.S. Army Environmental Command
Attn: IMAE-PA (C. Kropp)
2455 Reynolds Road Mailstop 112
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7588

Previous Meeting Minutes