Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant
Restoration Advisory Board Mission Statement
June 3, 1996

The mission of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) is to serve as a medium for community involvement in the remediation programs at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) located in Arden Hills, Minnesota.  The RAB stakeholders* will work cooperatively:

  1. To review and analyze issues, deemed significant and consequential by the RAB, concerning the contamination and remediation of the TCAAP soils and groundwater;

  3. To provide comments and recommendations to responsible parties, regulatory agencies, and the public regarding remediation of contaminated areas at TCAAP;

  5. To ensure that all RAB comments and recommendations are considered in the decision-making processes of the responsible parties and regulatory agencies;

  7. To promote and influence sound policy decisions that benefit and improve the quality of the environment of the communities that are impacted by the contamination at TCAAP;

  9. To ensure that remediation strategies are consistent with proposed or envisioned future land reuse options for the TCAAP property;

  11. To consider the impact of contamination and remediation strategies of the TCAAP from an ecological perspective;

  13. To ensure the public/community is fully informed of the progress that TCAAP is making in restoring contaminated areas and has ample opportunity for engagement in the ongoing work of the RAB; and

  15. To ensure that the RAB has sufficient opportunity to provide input regarding Installation Restoration Program In-Progress Review decision-making events.

*Stakeholders = RAB members, the public, communities impacted by and surrounding the TCAAP, U.S. Army, Orbital ATK, U.S. EPA, MPCA, USFWS (Trustee), and MDNR (Trustee).

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